When to Start Planning Your Business Exit

As a business owner you should start planning your business exit as soon as you can. The best time to plan this is when putting your business plan together, having a way out of the business can be a saving grace should you be unable to work for any reason or you wish to retire.

The majority of business owners are so dedicated to ensuring their new venture is profitable, they forget to take the necessary steps should they be unable to work for any reason. This leads many business owners into the problem of being trapped in their business, unable to take a weekend and spend it with loved ones and unable to retire in their golden years.

A business exit strategy is essential for every business owner, ensuring they can step down and hand over the reins either to a management team or new owners and reap the rewards of their investment.

Business exit seems like a dream to many owners who have dedicated their lives to building their empires. They find they cannot leave the office, they are forced to work because they have put themselves in the situation where they are the backbone of the business and without them, the business will collapse.

Peter Vale, the owner of Exit Man, has seen this problem so many times in his career. After successfully running companies in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Peter found so many business owners who had failing health and finances because they didn’t have the right strategy in place. They were trapped in their business with no way of escape.

Meet Peter Vale

Peter Vale is better known as the Exit Man to business owners. Peter’s years of dedication have proven an effective way to help owners with their business exit. The Exit Man is dedicated to ensuring that business owners have a way out of their business while maximising their profits in the shortest space of time and with their heath intact.

According to the ExitMan.co.nz, a strategy should be put in place from the very start of the business, whether it’s to put a management team in place or make the business appealing to purchasers.

Peter, an accomplished author, event speaker and business exit management specialist, has helped hundreds of business owners plan their succession or exit management plans. He has helped them achieve a return on their investment without compromising their health.

Many business owners haven’t put the necessary steps in place and then fall ill or get injured, making it impossible for them to work. The solution is to close the doors of the business, leaving staff unemployed and leaving the owner with nothing to show for their years of dedication and hard work.

Peter’s solutions and support are an effective way for these owners to exit their business with the most amount of profit and with a very fast turnaround time. His practical approach continues to prove success for business owners, giving them a way to retire in peace or step down without the unnecessary stress.

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Choosing Your Wedding Bouquets Auckland

Wedding bouquets in Auckland come in all different shapes and sizes and you also get to choose from a wide range of flowers. This can make choosing your bouquet a rather daunting process.

Windsor Florist in Papakura suggest brides take some factors into consideration when choosing their Auckland wedding bouquets, ensuring their flowers match the importance of the day.

Choose Your Dress First

The first recommendation by Windsor Florist is to choose your wedding dress before looking at any flowers to include in your bouquet. With your dress in place and knowing how you will look on your special day, makes choosing the bouquet so much easier.

Shape and Size

Auckland wedding bouquets are available in a large range of sizes and shapes. When deciding on the size and shape of your bouquet, bear in mind that you will probably have it with you most of the day, you want it to not only be easy to hold, but to complement you in your wedding photographs.

Ideally you don’t want a bulky bouquet, but rather something lightweight which you can carry with you with ease.

Colour Combinations

Some brides prefer roses while others prefer a medley of fresh flowers. Windsor Florist recommends that brides pay attention to the season, the theme of their reception and their dress when choosing the fresh flowers they want included in their bouquet.

Keep it Fresh

An essential tip that Windsor Florist feel is imperative to ensuring your wedding day goes without any problems and to keep your Auckland wedding bouquets fresh and looking great the entire day is to keep your bouquet cool.

This is essential for evening weddings. Ann from Windsor Florist recommends keeping the bouquet in water and away from direct sunlight. If it’s the heart of summer and the temperatures are soaring, you can place your bouquet in the fridge. Ensure it doesn’t freeze, but this will keep your bouquet fresh and looking great throughout your ceremony and reception.

Windsor Florist

Windsor Florist is a top choice for wedding bouquets in Auckland. Based in Papakura they are within easy travelling distance of all of Auckland. The team at Windsor Florist have over thirty years combined industry experience along with a number of awards for their artistic flair and spectacular designs.

Ann, the owner and manager at Windsor Florist, has been working in the flower industry for over sixteen years, both in New Zealand and the UK. She has already brought home first place in the Interflora Designer of the Year – Auckland Division and gold in the Ellerslie Flower Show – Florist Category.

Ann is joined by Elsie and Jodie, together they have a further seventeen years industry experience.

Buying your wedding bouquet from Windsor Florist you don’t only get a beautifully presented bouquet of fresh flowers, you get the advice, knowledge and expertise of these three who are all dedicated to customer service.

Offering deliveries within Auckland, Windsor Florist will ensure your wedding flowers and bouquet arrive on time and are fresh and beautiful. They will offer all the advice you need to ensure your flowers remain looking spectacular throughout the day.

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What You Should Know About Your Auckland Roofing Company

When you realise that you need an Auckland roofing company, you may want to take some time to get to know the top companies in the area before making a final decision.

There are a few things to take into consideration before hiring an Auckland roofing company.


You need to know that you are going to be paying your hard earned money to a company that has the experience and knowledge to carry out your roof repairs to the highest quality.

Riteline Roofing, an Auckland roofing company has over twenty years roofing experience in the area with a team of professional roofers that work to the highest standards, paying attention to detail on every job.

Licensed and Insured

Next you need to know that the company you are considering is a licensed business that has the professionalism and ability to carry out the work you require to the highest standard.

That being said, insurance also plays a large role in the decision. Don’t be shy to ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate proving to you that they have adequate liability insurance to cover them while working on your roof.

Customer Reviews

Only choose a company that has a stellar reputation in the area. Riteline Roofing have worked for many businesses and homeowners throughout the Auckland area and are happy to provide references if required.

Though the best option is to always go online, read through the forums and get the customer reviews from real people who have had dealings with the Auckland roofing company you are thinking of hiring.

Customer Service

These days being quoted a good price and having the company carry out the work as agreed isn’t enough. You expect the customer service to be phenomenal, to say the least.

You need to use a company that offers this customer service. A company that puts your needs first and ensures they understand what you are looking for and helps you achieve that.


The best way to measure a company’s professionalism is to take note from the first time you contact them. From that initial phone call and how your enquiry was handled to meeting a professional on site to give you a quote.

The team should be knowledgeable, friendly, professional and courteous at all times. They should be able to answer your questions with ease and understand the urgency of the job at hand.

Riteline Roofing

http://RitelineRoofing.co.nz is a family owned Auckland roofing business servicing the whole of the Auckland area. They have a team of professional roofers who pay careful attention to detail and complete their work to the highest standards.

This company prides themselves on their customer service and their use of the top quality roofing and cladding products available on the market whether you’re looking for a company to carry out regular maintenance, repairs, re-roofing, new roofing or flashing.

Riteline Roofing has over twenty years’ experience and are known in the industry as a top choice with businesses and homeowners alike.

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